Michigan United Methodists for Inclusion


A letter to our LGBTQIA+ siblings and their allies from Michigan United Methodists,

We grieve the actions taken by the recent global gathering of The United Methodist Church. We acknowledge the harm done by tightening restrictions on the ordination of LGBTQIA+ clergy and maintaining prohibitions on clergy who perform same-sex marriage ceremonies.

These actions do not reflect our own hopes and dreams for The United Methodist Church.  Our resistance to this injustice is based on Biblical teaching and our membership vows to “resist evil, injustice and oppression in whatever form it presents itself.”

We seek your forgiveness. Too often, our silence has done harm. We commit to advocating and working for the full inclusion of all people in God’s Church. And we humbly ask for your prayers and forgiveness. We say to you, our LGBTQIA+ siblings: you are beloved children of God, and you are beloved by us.

We believe that God is not yet finished working within The United Methodist Church.  We commit ourselves to creating the inclusive church God intends us to be.

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